Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Why You Need To Buy A Verified Paypal Account Now!


Have you prepared for the onslaught? Have you really thought about how much PayPal can impact your business? If not, you better start! Many people have underestimated as to how much PayPal is worth to their business. Buying a verified Paypal account was not an option for them before, but after the onslaught, they quickly changed that mindset. To put it to you straight, you need to prepare and prepare fast! Here is why you should buy a verified Paypal account now!

You Will Get Banned...No Seriously

Your verified Paypal account may seem untouched and all good right now, but what about a few months from now, weeks, days? With all the stories floating around out there about the scary PayPal horror stories that has happened to people. The simple fact is, those stories are definitely true! My Paypal accounts have been limited out of the blue for reasons I have no clue about. As soon as those Paypal accounts were limited, I thought my world was shattered. My business was gone within seconds following those limited Paypal accounts.

Do Not Let Your Guard Down

What was a $5000 a month business turned to $1000 a month largely due to not accepting PayPal. You will not know until you all of sudden stop accepting PayPal and then you will see how much of an impact they have on your business. The reason I am getting this out is, not many people realize the audacity of Paypal and the effect they have on buyers and sellers. Main point is, do not for one minute let your guard down about Paypal, read and read as much as you can.


Have Multiple Verified PayPal Accounts

No really, it is not against any rules to have a business & a personal Paypal account. Truth of the matter is, open up several Paypal accounts. The process for opening up an entirely new Paypal account seems easier than it sounds, but it is actually not. For more information on that, check out the information at Auction Essistance on that. Having multiple verified Paypal accounts will save you from the unexpected.

Other than creating accounts, you can also buy verified Paypal accounts in order to save yourself the headache and time of creating them. Although, creating the Paypal account gives you total control as to what goes in and by far cheaper, buying verified Paypal accounts has its perks. For one, you get great support provided it is from a quality, reputable seller. Second, you can ensure accounts are created correctly. Once again, this also depends on which seller you decide to go with.

To wrap this up, buying or creating a verified Paypal account should be on the top of your list. You will never know when Paypal will limit your account. PayPal limitations come at the most random times without notice. Once they happen, they hit hard especially if you have a lot of money in the account. The best preventative measure is to read into the details of limitations and account creation. Reading will not only save you headaches, but save you money as well.

Friday, February 7, 2014

How Can Search Engine Optimization Help Your Business In Santa Paula?

7 Creative Ways You Can Improve Your Search Engine Optimization In Santa Paula!

search engine optimization santa paula
1. To improve your Santa Paula business websites search engine optimization, it is best to submit your site to DMOZ. DMOZ is an open site directory containing hundreds upon thousands of websites that are categorized based on the specifics of each site. Choosing the best directory and description for your Santa Paula business will greatly help improve authority and the trust flow of your site.
2. Submit your Santa Paula business website to the search engines. By entering the details of your website and submitting it to the top search engines such as Google, Yahoo & Bing, your site will get index and is also able to improve your overall search engine optimization goals in terms of appearing in the search results.
3. Using paid directories helps! Yahoo has a directory that is a paid one; although a bit expensive if your on a budge. It greatly increases trust flow in order to help improve your websites rank and authority in the search results. It's no coincidence that big time companies who appear on page one have a paid submission to Yahoo and the other top directories.
4. Optimize your Santa Paula business website with highly targeted & potential buyer keywords. What do I mean by this? Let us take an example if you sell merchandise or specialize in one product which would be homemade scented candles. Typically a good keyword can be scented candles Santa Paula or best scented candles in Santa Paula. Our main keywords we are focusing would be "scented candles" and the location being "Santa Paula." By doing so, search engine crawlers are able to pick up how relevant a site is by the mentioning of such keywords.
Another thing to take into consideration is the over optimization issue with having the same keyword repeated hundreds & thousands of times. This can also be known as "keyword stuffing" and should be avoided. The goal here is to have the keyword appear a couple of times while also maintain readability and flow of the website. Don't get scroogled for having an anchor text that is plastered all over your page.
5. Draw up an effective back-linking campaign! Mapping out an effective plan of link building allows your website to appear higher and garner more trust flow and relevancy for specific keywords or areas in which your website caters to. By finding relevant websites such as scented candle type ones as mentioned in the example above, your authority and ranking will greatly increase, thus increase your search engine optimization efforts for your website. It is also a good idea to seek out websites that are local and have an established authority such as Chambers of Commerce and other local businesses.
6. Keep your website simple, easy to navigate for not only customers, but for search engines as well. This means reducing loading times by compressing your HTML or CSS layout, avoid giant images that take up to much space & also avoid using dynamic pages. If your whole goal is to increase your search engine ranking, make sure your site is "search engine friendly" which will help your site in the search results and not have a negative impact on it.
7. Last but most critical part about increase your search engine optimization for your Santa Paula business website is to remain patient. Patience is key when it comes to search engine optimization and the overall process of it. Results are not overnight unless the competition of your keyword is very minimal. But even then, it takes time for search results to update. Give it time & your reward shall follow!
For those looking for a company to assist you with the above tips that I mention, check out SEO Distortion which is a Santa Paula company that deals with web design, SEO & online marketing.